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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 3 different QuickBooks hosting packages and can help you select the right one depending on how many QuickBooks add-ons you need supported. Each package allows you to choose between 2 − 30 users.

Cost Per User Per Month:

  • Quarium Basic − 59.00 − Dedicated Server, Excel, Adobe PDF viewer, printing
  • Quarium +5 − 67.00 − Quarium package w/ 5 add-ons
  • Quarium Unlimited − 75.00 − Quarium package w/ unlimited add-ons

We allow Quarium clients to have as many named users as they would like on their account. Unlike our competitors, you only need to purchase the number of users that need to access your QuickBooks at the same time = concurrent users. No need to over pay!

Nope! No set up fee.

No contracts! Our hosting services are on a month to month basis. You can cancel at any time.

Yes, changing is very easy. It doesn’t take much time for our team to upgrade or downgrade your package. Typically we get this done within a few hours of the request.

We use the most current versions of Windows Server and Excel − 2019. When new versions are released by Microsoft we will upgrade at no cost to you.

You sure can! We offer the full MS Office Suite for 8.00 per user per month. This includes Word, PowerPoint, One Note, Outlook and Access. It is not personal licensing of Office 365.

We need to know the following info:
  • Which hosting package and how many users?
  • What edition and year of QuickBooks are you using?
  • What are your license number (####-####-####-###) and product number (###-###)?
  • What add-on applications do you use? (Avalara, Bill.com)
  • Company information: Company name, contact name, email, phone, physical address, website, phone number.
  • Credit Card Information: Name on card, CC number, Expiration date, CVC, Zip code.
  • User Information: User full name, email and phone number.
  • Which user will be the administrator for the account? This person will have the ability tochange user info and passwords.
Once we receive your information and payment, it will take about 48 hours to set up your personalized server. After everything is set up, we will email you your account usernames and passwords. Then our awesome implementation team will contact you to help transition your current QuickBooks file to your new server. The process is quick and painless.
Our standard format for usernames is your company email. We are happy work with you if you prefer a different format.
You sure can! When you are logged into your server, you can press CNTR+ALT+DEL and select Change Password. The only password that we ask you not change is the administrator password. We use this account and password to log into your server to help with support questions and access issues. We will never log into your account without your consent.
No worries! Just call our support team and they will reset it for you. Call 1.800.253.9440, option 2.
Absolutely! Every Quarium server is equipped with Adobe PDF reader and the ability to print.
Yes, we will automatically back up your database every night and save those backups for 7 days.
We have an uptime of 99.984%. We will schedule downtime for standard maintenance. This will happen on weekends or overnight and we will give you at least a weeks notice via email before any maintenance occurs.
Your data is stored in a magical place called "The Cloud". Actually, we have partnered with one of the top data centers in the world − Tonaquint Data Centers − to keep your data safe and sound right here on planet Earth.
No! Since we don’t ever share servers with other clients, you don’t have to share resources, so you can stay logged in to your dedicated server for as long as you want.
Security is our top concern. Your QuickBooks data will be stored on a highly secure, dedicated server that is both encrypted and uses MFA.
We understand that uptime = $. We want to keep your server up and running as much as possible. That being said, it is important that we provide the most up to date technology for each customer. Updates are needed every now and again. We will notify every client at least a week in advance of performing maintenance.
For an extra layer of security, we use MFA or Multi Factor Authentication to protect each of our customers data. Instead of just requiring a username and password − which can get stolen. MFA is a security enhancement that requires a 2nd credential to log in. It gives every customer the peace of mind that their data is safe with us.
All you need is access to the internet. We do recommend a broadband connection for the optimal user experience.
We sure do! Our SLA is through our partner Tonaquint. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the SLA.
We sure do! We can talk to you about our DR options. Just give us a call at 1.800.253.9440.
Absolutely! We love our partners! We partner with QSPs, Pro Advisors, CPAs, Accountants, etc.
We offer a very competitive commission structure! Our partners earn a 15% commission on each of their clients for the life of the client. Not just a one-time spiff. For the length of the partnership. Commissions are paid out quarterly, around the 15th of the month following the end of the quarter.
No way! We promise never to sell anything to your clients. Our partners are #1 and don’t want to do anything to upset our great working relationship.
Our Partner Portal!!! We offer each partner their own portal where they can access all of their client’s servers with one click. No more calling a client and calling your hosting provider to get access. You click a button, enter your credentials and Boom! you are in and working!
Absolutely! Every Quarium server is equipped with Adobe PDF reader and the ability to print.

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